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Minimize Downtime with Metalworking Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds from PDS.

Since 1996, Precision Drive Systems (PDS) has provided high-precision metalworking spindles to OEMs and thousands of machinists around the world. We are a global leader in providing expert repair for metalworking spindles including spindles for milling, turning, reaming, drilling, tapping, grinding, routing and boring operations.

PDS offers many competitive advantages for metalworking spindle repair service:


  • On-time delivery reliability currently 95.8%
  • Warranty claims YTD less than 1.5%
  • Well-established with 2 decades of more than 40,000 spindles repaired
  • An agile, customer-focused company collectively offering 1,000 years of spindle expertise
  • Optional emergency service as available (without plating or rewinding stators)
  • Predictive maintenance and spindle condition monitoring service
  • Global reach operations with customer references in USA & Europe
  • A world class team of Spindle Experts dedicated to customer satisfaction
  • Geographic proximity of Southeast and Texas to high growth industrial areas


Great Lakes Custom Tool

“Thanks to the custom engineered system from PDS we have been able to set up jobs outside of the machine on our automated 5-axis machining center cell. By doing that we have increased our productivity by being able to set up jobs while the machine is running. That is saving us up to 30 hours per week of machine down time.”



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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, PDS will continue business as usual for repair, service, and consultative sales help. We are fortunate that our work stations are 6’ apart, maintaining safe distance for our employees. As an everyday practice, we keep our workspace 95% cleaner than most manufacturing environments. Let us know how we can help you.


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